What he says:  Wow!  The house looks so clean!
What he means:  I wonder how many nicks you made in the baseboards with the vacuum.

What he says:  Honey, you don't need to take all the boys to the grocery store.
What he means:  You buy expensive food.  And you always forget my Little Debbie cinnamon rolls.

What he says:  I know it gets crazy in the evening...you don't need to cook.
What he means:  I would rather eat canned soup and turkey sandwiches for the rest of my life than come home and eat your crap food.

What he says:  Why don't you go shopping today?
What he means:  Abercrombie & Fitch is not for 30 somethings, you've been wearing that headband everyday for the past 5 years, and white clothes that are now yellow are just not attractive.

What he says:  Why don't you wait until I get home to give all 3 boys a bath at the same time?  I am more than happy to help.
What he means:  There is water on the walls, ceiling and mirror.  This is not a splash park, this is our home.

What he says:  Lisa, you look tired.  Why don't you go on up to bed?
What he means:  I don't want to watch HGTV for one more second.  And there's a hockey game on.  You are going to be replaced with a bag of popcorn.


Apron Senorita said...

Love the HGTV line. I'm a single mom of 2 teens, Vince & Gina. Vince is so tired of us watching HGTV, FoodTV, and Bridal shows, oh and America's Next Top Model. When he comes downstairs and notices our TV show, he walks right back up to his room. LOVE IT, cuz I get quiet time. LOL :)

Hope you have a great week.
Yoli :)
Apron Senorita

Mummy@Bod for tea said...

Ha ha! Great husbandism! BTW have tagged you for the 'This is me' meme over here http://tinyurl.com/4nqumdu Sorry!

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