Dysfunctional Relationships

I admit it.  I'm the one that started it.  I take complete blame for creating this relationship.  In fact, I'm the one that introduced them. 

Binky and Goozer.  Two peas in a pod.  Binky's the macaroni and Goozer's the cheese.  They go everywhere together.  Codependent doesn't even begin to describe this dysfunctional pair. 

Today I lost Binky.  Actually, I didn't lose Binky.  Binky ran off probably getting annoyed that his counterpart has a cold and is sharing all his lovely snot and boogers with him.  I get it.  He'd rather be alone.  Goozer, on the other hand, does NOT get it.  I tried to pull a little sneakaroo on him by placing....gasp...a replacement binky in his crib before naptime.  Sound machine on?  Check.  Calming music playing?  Check.  Bunny and binky in his crib all snuggled in nicely?  Check.  Tip toe, out I go.  Nappy nap for me...yipee!  Not so fast.  That's when the screaming began.  Loud, blood curdling screaming that makes you want to either laugh or cry...sometimes both simultaneously.  Darnit.

And so the hunt begins.  Over the river and through the woods...I check every nook and cranny of our house.  Garbage can?  Nope.  Couch?  Nope.  Oh, there's a few Cheerios on the floor...they look tasty.  Don't mind if I do.  Under the table?  Nope. 

My sweatshirt pocket?  What?!?!  Really?  It was in my flipping pocket?  Nice.  And that reminds me to a similiar situation that happened over the summer...

I couldn't find Binky.  It was naptime...approximately 12:18...18 minutes past Goozer's very scheduled naptime.  Preston in my arms (FYI...he's no lightweight), I search outside under every flower and non-picked-up toy I can find.  I looked like a lunatic.  My neighbor was outside so I figured hey, I'll ask him.  Maybe Binky went over for afternoon tea. 

Me:  "Have you seen Binky?  He's blue, it says Rockstar on it..."  I say in a panic-ridden voice.
Neighbor:  "Yes, your baby is holding it," he says with a smirk on his face.
Me:  Nothing was actually said, or needed to be said at this point.  I smiled, giggled (as if the giggle would make it all better and maybe he would think I was just kidding) and slowly walked away.

And so this dysfunctional relationship continues...


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