Peppermint Cookies and Gingersnaps

I had a dream that Jake Gyllenhaal was trying to convince me to leave my husband.   But that's neither here nor there.

This weekend I went to the grocery store.  True story.  I entered this new, uncharted territory with slight paranoia.  Will they know I don't belong? 

It was confirmed that, in fact, I did look out of place when one of the employees said, "Ma'am can I help you find something?"  And I replied, "No.  I just look confused but I'm really not."  I immediately held my head up a little higher, trying to exude the confidence that I was obviously lacking and bee-lined it to the deli.  Surely, I know how to order a 1/2 lb. of turkey and cheese.

It's not that we don't have any groceries in our house.  It's just that my dear husband does all the grocery shopping.  He is a bit of a, shall I dare say it, control freak.  Don't get me wrong.  I let this work for me and not against me.  While the rest of the housewives are lugging their kids to the grocery store I'm sitting at home eating bon bons.  This little anal-retentiveness of my husband's is a win/win for me. 

After my trip to the grocery store (ie. the deli and baking aisle) I return home.  I open the garage door and my husband is standing there (like he literally does every time I return home) to make sure I don't bump into the stairs with the car.  I'll save that for another day.  Anyhoo, this is where the attack of questions begins.

HIM: "Why did you get Charmin and not Angel Soft?" 
ME:  "They were on sale!" I enthusiastically say, knowing a good sale will always make my husband do heel clicks. 
He rolls his eyes.  Not impressed.
HIM:  "Well, boys, apparently we're having peppermint extract and ground ginger for dinner tonight."

I knew I forgot something.  Dinner.  At least we'll have peppermint cookies and gingersnaps for dessert.

Merry Merry Monday!


Anonymous said...

you crack me up! love this blog Lisa!! xo

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