Separation Anxiety

I got kicked out of the gym yesterday morning.  And no, it was not because of the "spirited discussion" the woman had with me because she was slightly angry I was saving the last spin bike for a friend.  Did you know that is poor "spinning" etiquette?  Well, I do now.  Thank you, angry gym lady.  Anyhoo, back to this week.

Beginning mile 2 of my run jog trot when I notice the girl in the red child care shirt heading towards me with a frown.  Why is she frowning?  A poopy diaper is nothing to be upset about.  I needed a break in my workout anyways.  

Gym Girl:  "Anderson is screaming.  Crying so loudly that the people outside the gym can hear him.  My supervisor wanted me to come get you."

Me:  "Oh my gosh, he NEVER cries!"

Gym Girl:  "I know, but he won't stop."

Me:  "Oh, he must be getting sick.  My husband is home sick today.  I thought he had an ear infection a few days ago.  Or maybe it's teething.  He might be tired, too."  Oh no.  I'm one of "those moms".  Making excuses for why my child is misbehaving.  But seriously.  He's only 10 months old. 

I head in to the daycare to pick up my little monster and he starts laughing, giggling, and smiling when he sees me.  Great.  I guess the whole "sick and tired" excuses are out the window.  What else can I come up with?

Me:  "It must be separation anxiety.  I haven't been to the gym in awhile."

Gym Girl (and the other gym girls):  Nodding, heads down, not making eye contact.

Seriously, though.  I just know it's separation anxiety.   My boys are nothing short of angels.  All the time.  Even when they're sick and tired and hungry.  Aren't yours, too?


Mummy@Bod for tea said...

Ha ha! The spinning comment made me laugh out loud! I remember those days...

By the way, I've nominated you for the Liebster award over at Bod for tea - http://tinyurl.com/6ye8ce5

Hope you don't mind :D

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