Conversation Heart Frames

Valentine's Day....10 days left.  Here's a fun idea to make and send to grandparents or for yourself!

What you'll need....
  • wooden frame (they sell them @ Michael's for a $1)
  • large conversation hearts
  • pink acrylic paint (or purple or red)
  • paint brushes
  • glue (I like Tacky, but school glue will work, too)
Get out the paint and let them go to town!

Once dry, put a generous amount of glue on frame and let them place the conversation hearts where you've put the glue.  And of course, buy a big bag because they will obviously want to make sure the candy tastes good, too.

Finished product!  Now it just needs a pic of the boys and it's ready to send!

Happy Hearts!


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Riccobenes... said...

You may not have this AMAZING store wherever you live, but where I live...we are lucky enough to have Wal-Mart:) which is where I got the pink heart marshmallows! hope you find them!

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