Valentine Mailbox

Disclaimer:  If you do not like Valentine's Day or holidays in general, please do not read my blog during this time.  You will find it utterly annoying. 

Now, somebody give me "V"?!  8 days left and counting...spirit fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where do your kids put all their valentines from school and friends?  Obviously, they need a "home".  Or a mailbox, or an empty Kleenex box...here's what you'll need.

  • empty Kleenex box (or a shoebox would work, too)
  • paper or wrapping paper to cover box
  • sponge cut into a heart shape
  • pink, purple or red paint
  • buttons, ribbons, stickers, anything you've got stuffed  organized in your cupboards
  • tacky glue or a hot glue gun (obviously parental supervision with the hot glue gun...unless you are me and then your child might have more luck)

Start wrapping!

Sponge paint the hearts and add ribbon, buttons and anything else cute.
There you have it...now they can "mail" or "carry" their valentines!


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