Sharp as a Nail

I like clipping my boys' nails.  I get giddy every time I begin to see white.  I've even contemplated giving them prenatals just to make them grow faster.  Do you loathe bath time with multiple young children?  Well, I'm just gonna pin a rose on my nose...I revel in the excitement.  Do you  know what this means?  Soft nails.  Easy to clip, soft nails. 

I was clipping Goozer's nails yesterday evening.  And if you know Goozer you know that this includes singing "If You're Happy And You Know It" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" in an extremely overly enthusiastic preschool voice just to get him to sit still for one measly little minute.  Happy happy joy joy.  Let me throw in a tap dance, Gooz, strictly for entertainment purposes, of course. 

Mission accomplished.  Nails clipped.  Very short, cause that's how I roll.

Just when I thought my motherly work was done, I glance over at The Gooz.  He's tapping his foot, pointing at it, yelling something in toddler-ese and shaking around like a lunatic.  I either cut his nails too short or he's trying to imitate my tap dance routine  Either way, I unzip his pj's and realize the clippers were zipped up in them.

Poor Goozer, mean mommy.  And now it's time for my hubby to make a "comment."
"Seriously, how do you make it through the day, Lisa?"  He's sweet.  I love his honesty.


Tracey said...

You Go Mom! Allow this mom of teens to cheer and do a happy dance for you because you have figured out that a fun mom is the right kinda mom to be! Don't ever stop having cheerleader, dancing, singing, wacky, crazy silly times with your little one's. Then they'll listen to you when they are big ones - teenlife leads to a whole new reason to have a REAL relationship with your kids! Big O Hug to you girl! Blessings to you!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Oh my goodness..I am SO terrified of clipping my son's nails. I NEVER do it. They normally peel right off. Haha!

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