What's Your Love Story?

It was just me and Brenden. He was 1 ½ and I was single. Not looking, content with our twosome. And then we met him. He became the man in both of our lives. He didn’t have to be that man, but he was.

…never making me feel bad about the situation I was in…
…always patient, kind, and caring…

We both ended up in Chicago by a flook. His job, after many moves, landed him here. I, a young single mom, needed help with the baby and my parents had just moved to the Midwest from Seattle. A friend set us up. Blind date. I almost cancelled because it was snowing. I needed any excuse because I was terribly nervous.

We married when Brenden turned 3, shortly after had two more boys and just found out we’re expecting #4...probably another boy!

I am reminded daily of the sacrifice he made for us. He is reminded of what life was like before his family of 5 (almost 6!). We make each other laugh, make each other roll our eyes, and best of all…can’t imagine what life was like before all this perfect chaos.

He’s the icing on my cupcake.
I am the cheese to his macaroni.

Below is his Valentine's Day gift...


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