Angelina Jolie and Happiness

WARNING:  When using a hot glue gun do not, I repeat do not, put glue on a piece of fabric and then put it in your mouth to "hold" it for a quick second.

The upper left side of my lip is swollen and singed.  Although it hurts like a snickerdoodle, I am slightly excited about the fact that my lip currently resembles Angelina Jolie.  Just the top one, though.  On the left side. 


This morning I needed to be at the gym at 9:03.  Any minute prior and the aerobics instructor would guilt me into taking one of her classes.  But today I had a different agenda.  I desperately wanted to watch Oprah.  Hey, if TV motivates me to get my buns to the gym, so be it.

Her show today was "ARE YOU HAPPY?"

It turns out I am...happy, that is (currently doing the "happy dance" at the moment accompanied with a few heel clicks which are always fun to do with socks on the hardwoods because you risk the chance of falling on your face which will give you a good laugh and make you even happier as long as you don't do permanent damage to any part of your body).

Goldie was on the show, who I absolutely adore and they discussed all sorts of important things people do (or can do) to make them happy.  It made me think about what makes me chipper.  Anyhoo, here's a few things that make me happy (not listed in any particular order):

FAMILY ~ okay, that one was in particular order and should be ranked 1st on the list.  Not just my boys and hubby, but my sisters, parents, in-laws, aunts, uncles, nephews, etc. etc.

FRIENDS ~ I'm a huge believer in making new friends while keeping the old.  I adore the friends I've had for years and even though they don't live close I cherish having them in my life.  I also love, love, love making new friends.  Sometimes I get a little carried away, though.  I'm like a guy with a bad pick-up line meeting new friends at Target, Michaels, wherever...

HOLIDAYS ~ the music, dress-up, crafts, decorating, baking...everything that encompasses the joy of a holiday.

COFFEE ~ with loads of vanilla creamer, of course.

CANDLES ~ you can't help but feel relaxed and happy when your home smells yummy.

RELAXATION MUSIC ~ my personal favorite is anything Celtic.

QUIET TIME (& sleep) ~ during nap time when I could be cooking, cleaning, organizing, etc. I don't.  This is my time.  Phones are turned off, relaxation music is on and even if it only works out that it's for a very short time, it's my short time...to regroup, nap, or just sit and stare at the ceiling, feeling totally not guilty in relishing in the quiet.  Everything else can wait.  Everything.



Michelloui said...

Loved this! Hope your lip gets better soon, sexy or not ;)

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