coolness & playdough

Did you know that I am super cool?  I have coolness oozing out of my pours.  I make Don Draper from Mad Men look very uncool.

Totally kidding, Don.  You know you're my #1.

In case you have doubts, let me give you a few reasons why I am so amazingly cool:

1.  I can do the worm better than anyone I know.  Believe it.  So cool.

2.  I can make no-bake cookies with my eyes closed.  And then eat the entire batch with my eyes open.  How cool is that?!

3.  I am always early.  It's so much cooler to be early than late.  My firstborn's first word was "clock". 

4.  My mom tells me I'm cool all the time. 

5.  I once owned a faded jean jacket with faux fur around the collar.  And a matching jean skirt. 

6.  I permed my hair twice a year every year for 12 years in a row. 

7.  I married the coolest person I know...after myself, of course.  He knows how to wiggle his ears.

8.  I am not ashamed to wear a girdle spanx.  See how cool I am?

9.  "I'd like to order a grande, 4 pump peppermint, 3 pump chocolate, extra hot, nonfat, no whip peppermint mocha."  Cool drink.

10.  I can talk on the phone, cook dinner, check my facebook, clean the baseboards and play hockey in the kitchen all at the same time.  Pure coolness.  Oh, and reapply lipgloss when necessary.

Okay, and now I would like to share with you the BEST PLAYDOUGH RECIPE!

In a large saucepan, mix together
3 cups Flour
1 1/2 cups Salt
3 cups Water
2 TB vegetable oil (I used canola, I’m sure it doesn’t matter)
1 TB Cream of Tartar
Food coloring or unsweetened Kool-Aid  for color. 

During the holidays I like to make a batch with peppermnt extract. You can also make gingerbread playdough by adding cinnamon, ginger, all-spice, and nutmeg.  Many options....

Cook over medium-low heat, stirring frequently, until the dough pulls away from the sides of the pan and gets too thick to stir. Remove from heat and let cool until it can be handled. Place on counter or wax paper and knead several times until smooth. Store in an air-tight container.  This will last you forever.  I still have one batch I made 4 years ago!

Love, Lisa


Julie said...

Its official, you are by far the coolest person I know. Your list sealed the deal for me ;)

I'm So Fancy said...

Just found you but love it! Tagged you over at my place! http://richasshole.blogspot.com/2011/01/stylish-and-fancy.html

Anonymous said...

Oooh I'm going to try this one soon! I LOVE the idea of adding peppermint extract, lovely!

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