He's taken 214 pictures today and he's still not done!

Brenden received a fisher-price camera for Christmas. 

Currently, he's taken 214 picture today.  Not one square inch of our house has gone unphotographed.   After each new picture, he's so excited that he wants me to look at them...starting from the beginning. 

You do the math.  I would do it for you, however, I'm a retired preschool teacher and let's be honest...anything past simple addition sends my head into a tailspin...or my tail into a headspin...or whatever.

Me:  "Oh look, what a cute picture of the microwave!"
Brenden: "I know. I'm such a great picture-taker!"
Me:  "Oh look, what an awesome picture of the toilet!"
Brenden:  Proud grin...
Me:  "Oh look, I can't believe how nicely you captured that dust bunny!  Beautiful!" 

You get the picture (no pun intended)...

The Gooz has also taken quite a liking to the new camera.  Luckily, this is Brenden's 2nd camera (because every 5-year-old needs at least 2 cameras).  It's cute watching a little almost 2 year old run around snapping pictures and saying, "Cheese!" 

Speaking of Christmas gifts.  I believe my house is packed with more monster trucks and trains than the boys aisle of Toys R Us.  And with new gifts, comes reorganizing.  Yay!  I thought the day would never come.  According to my husband, I like to tackle new projects at inopportune times.  Like when my hub has the flu and my youngest has an ear infection.  But living in this kind of chaos (with new toys desperately needing a home) cannot wait.  I'm pretty sure someone would try to commit me to some sort of mental institution if they saw me at work.

My "organization" thought process.

Cars.  They need a home.  Divide.  Small cars in one pile.  Large cars in another.  No, start over.  Blue cars in one pile, green in another, red in another.  No, no, no start over.  Thomas the Train in one pile, John Deer in another, Hot Wheels in another...no, no, no.  And so it begins...attempting to find the perfect "home" for each car and truck.

I will let you know how this turns out...


Michelloui said...

I tried to organise different sized plastic animals once while my daughter watched. 'See, if you keep them organised its so much easier,' I was telling her. 'Easier to what?' she asked. 'To find what you want when you need it.' She sat quietly for a moment then said 'but I play with all of them all the time.' I got a big box and dumped them all in together. Job done.

Boogers and Blonde Moments said...

Haha...sounds like a much easier solution. ;)

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