Cut and Paste

I love holidays!  Any reason to do an art project with my boys and I do the happy dance.  I swear I'm a 3-year-old trapped in a 32-year-old body.  For the record, my husband would agree. 

So lets get ready for Valentine's Day!  Countdown is on, people.  We only have approximately 34 days left! 
Here's an easy peasy (cause again, that's my middle name) V-day decoration that the kids can do and actually looks decent enough to hang somewhere besides your fridge. And you probably already have this stuff at home (I did) and who, my friends, doesn't like free?

First, I went to the garage and found a toy box from Christmas that hadn't yet been recycled.  We only put out about half of our boxes on garbage day just in case the garbage man might think we spoiled our kids for Christmas.  They were on the "good" list, okay?!  No judgement.

Next, get out any pink, red, purple tissue paper you have in your gift-wrapping bin.  Don't tell me you don't have a bin?!  Please let me know immediately if I need to come over and organize your house.  Will exchange for child care.  And cookies.  And I do like really fudgy brownies.
Oh, and find a ribbon that you've saved from an old gift.  I am quite positive my mom gave me this pretty purple one.  If you know my mom, you have probably received one of her gorgeous presents wrapped to perfection.

Get out glue and scissors and coral your children for a fun (so fun!) little holiday project, if you will.  Cut out a heart from the cardboard (you can always use paper, but I like the cardboard cause it's sturdier).  Next, cut out large squares from your tissue paper.  Let the kids go to work, scrunching...they LOVE this!  If you are anal, not naming any names (ME, ME, ME) you can teach your kids to do a "light" scrunch.  If you crumble it up too much it makes very tiny unattractive balls;  we want petty.  We want pretty poofy balls.

Now time to glue.  I drizzled a bunch of glue all over the heart and gave the boys paint brushes to spread it around.  They think it's fun and it comes off the table fairly easy when they decide it needs glue, too.  Tape the bow on the back and hang wherever you darn well please. 

And wa-la!  Easy peasy tissue paper heart. 


Anonymous said...

I would swear you were MY twin Lisa (sorry Mel), but you would die if you saw my bins ... well maybe drool a bit. Not only do I have bins for tissue, I have them for everything else (bows, bags, paper, etc). My closet is color coordinated and my shoes are neatly lined up (of course, by color and heel height and season). Just saying ... i heart you. <3

Boogers and Blonde Moments said...

Haha! Love it. Love it, love it, love it. ;)

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