Buckingham Palace

Hi, my name's Lisa and I'm a hoarder...and possibly, slightly, just maybe a little crazy.  Let me set the scene, if I may.

WHO:  Goozer and Mommy

WHERE:  Playroom  (side note:  Hubby wanted the playroom to be an office.  But what Lisa wants, Lisa gets.  Thank you very much.)

WHAT:  I caught myself hiding mega blocks in my lap today.  More specifically, I was hoarding the larger ones while handing off the small ones to The Gooz. 

WHEN:  Who cares?  I dunno...noonish.

WHY:  I had a very specific castle in mind and no toddler was going to get in the way of my masterpiece.

It became apparent very quickly that I needed to let go of my vision to build a replica of the Buckingham Palace.  Below is Goozer's interpretation of Windsor Castle.

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