Organic Book Club

I went to book club Wednesday night.  I know, I know.  My husband thought it was pretty hilarious, too.  It's not that I don't read...I actually love to read.  I'm just more of a Twilight kinda girl...you know, the books aimed at preteens.

6:30 pm:  Philosophical game face on.  One last check in the mirror.  Well, I certainly "looked" the part.  J Crew headband, turtleneck, straight-legged jeans...now if only I could find those glasses I wore in college for my "astigmatism".  Which, by the way, whatever happened to that astigmatism?  Either way, those glasses sure did make me look smarter.

Let me just interrupt myself by saying this....the girl who chose the book this month is a professor in creative writing (enough said).  That's not even fair.  Give me a book club with Dr. Seuss books and I'll run circles around you.  But she obviously didn't choose The Cat In The Hat.  The book she chose was this:

It's deep.  Like really deep.  Like over my head, I have no idea what they're talking about and how am I going to hide my confused face deep

6:50pm: I arrive at book club...fashionably early.  I warn myself that less is more and to think before I speak if I must speak at all.  This is not a pajamajammyjam.  This is book club.  I'm in the big leagues now, people.  I am.  A grownup.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that only The Professor really knew what the heck this book was about.  So I'm not an idiot.  I knew it.  I'm smarter than I look.  Even without my glasses.

Book club was going better than I anticipated.  Until the topic turned organic

Setting the scene....discussing food....

Book Club goer #1:  You know, you're not even safe at Whole Foods anymore!
Book Club goer #2:  I know!  It's scary!
Book Club goer #3:  Well, have you been to that local farm near such and such?  That's where I'm doing most of my shopping these days.

Holy processed food, Batman.  Should I tell them now or later I had a Velveeta cheese sandwich for lunch yesterday?  It was quite tasty, by the way.  And they would be pretty appalled to see all the Splenda and creamer I put in my coffee, too. 

Oh wait.  I buy organic eggs and milk.  I might still have a chance... 

P.S.  I had three bowls of Tootie Fruities for lunch today. 


Riccobenes... said...

This cracks me up...we went camping a few years ago with a bunch of people we didn't really know (expcept for 1 couple) and all anyone had/talked about was "organic this, organic that..." Vince whispered to me- Did me miss the organic memo? As our kids are stuffing cheetos in their mouth!! Don't get me wrong-organics great, but it is not life or death!!

Michelloui | The American Resident said...

Hilarious! I'll bet that prof only chose the book because of her innate inclination to teach--she wanted to teach you all something about the book... I dunno. Anyway, organic food is probably all a big scam. I buy organic eggs and milk too. ;)

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